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Chicagoland authorized Fisker repair facility

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Hello, My name is Christian Csavoy and I am a service Advisor for North Shore Fisker. We currently work out of the Fields BMW facility and are fully equipped to handle all of your Fisker repair needs. I hope anyone in need of service will consider us as we have a full factory trained tech at the ready for any service need.

Thank you and best regards,

Christian Csavoy
Service Advisor / Accessories Specialist Fields BMW / North Shore Fisker
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Are you currently a CSP provider ?
Yes they are. 30 seconds on the new Fisker website and you could have seen for yourself Harleyguy :)
That was funny...
Yes we are. I been involve with Fisker since day one. Original Fisker, original TSS crew and first road show. Please contact Christian at our dealership with any questions and if he dose not have an answer, I make sure to get one.
Guys, we have no Fisker support in Toronto. We love Chicago, great excuse to see the city and get the car serviced. Heck I love Chicago so much I bought my Fisker from D&M Motor Sport, man love their You Tube Videos. I will send you a list of issues I have, namely;
1) engine light on.
2) speaker resonate on blue tooth.
3) muffler needs to be replaced.
4) need updated software
Other that the items above all is good.
Looking at a Fisker


This is good news as I am currently looking to buy a Karma Fisker. Is there anyway we can pull up the service history for a car if I give you the vin?
You can also call Daniel at Global Luxury Imports in Burr Ridge.
They are the new Local Karma dealer. Patrick Fisker in Schaumburg no longer has an interest in servicing us.
I took mine to Global today for service and they are doing the once over to evaluate mine to see if it will qualify for the new extended Karma warranty and do all the updates and minor repair work.
If Daniel is not available ask to speak with Mutie.

I may be putting mine on the block soon.
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