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I just joined this forum a few minutes ago. I’ve looked at a couple of Fiskers in the past, but for a variety of reasons, didn’t pull the trigger. I’m currently looking at one on BringaTrailer and am just looking for some general information anyone might want ot share.

I currently have a Tesla Model S P85 and as much as I’m a big fan of electric, here in the midwest, the lack of a sufficient number of charging stations serverly limits me driving the Tesla out of my couple of counties radius due to range anxiety.

Here's the best advice I can give you: Do your homework. If you have a good, well sorted car, they are a delight to drive and own. If you end up with a car with a problem, and there are some known problem areas, they are challenging to live with and your options to get them fixed correctly are limited. Spend some times exploring these forums. There are thousands of threads about every topic you can imagine, and a number of truly expert individuals who have provided great information. Here's where I recommend you start:

BTW, the Fisker don't expect P85-levels of performance from the Karma. It's different kind of car.

Good luck!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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