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Charging problem, any suggestions appreciated!

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Hello everyone,
I posted a problem I had with my charging about a month ago and I just got my car back from the dealer where they couldn't find any problem in the HV charging and I don't have any error codes but my car still won't charge.

I'm not getting any charge at all and when I plug the charger in, I don't see the green lights that usually flash showing the charge is taking place. I have the slow charging system that came with the car that just plugs into the standard 120v outlet. I am thinking of getting a high speed charger but I've had the car for two years and this is the first time I've had a charging issue.

Any suggestions?
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the 110v charger is known to break for many people.. for L2 i would go with clipper creek or a wifi cloud connected one like these -

our car can go up to 16Amps max
Thanks! but the clipper creek one isn't on this list of approved chargers for a rebate. Can you take a look at this and tell me which one you like the most?
all of them are pretty old generation, like 4 years old, and still carry the same price when they first started, to make things shorts, i think i seen good review on the simens and schnider electric that are listed there.
Thanks again! I contacted emotorwerks and told them to apply to the program so they can be one of these suppliers but in the meantime I need to buy something.

There are 5 siemen models on that list. Which one is the best for the Fisker Karma?
so I just spoke to the dealer and they have a new Fisker charger that has 3 adapters and it cost me $1000 CAD. It's only a bit more expensive than other chargers but it has the 3 adapaters so I can plug it in pretty much anywhere. I'll let everyone know how it goes :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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