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Charger upgrade?

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I've been using the 110v charger, now I wanted to upgrade to the 220v.
Can you guys help me some info on which brand to get and 16amp or 30amp?

Thank you
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the stock on board charger takes only 16A at 240V
You might want to look at to make a decision...
I have had this Clipper Creek for almost two years and it works perfect and it's $379. No bells and whistles it just charges.
I recently purchased one from emotorwerks,
You can program it with your smartphone to take advantage of off peak electric rates.
While our Karma's can only charge at 3.3Kw, and therefore only need a 16A charger, I strongly recommend you get a 30A or 40A charger at a minimum to future-proof yourself somewhat or in case any other EV may need to charge there. The higher amp models work just fine for the Karma but can charge other EVs much more quickly (the Karma too if you opt for PowerSources charging mod). I have two EVSE's, the original 16A Fisker-branded Lear and a Clipper Creek HCS-40. I'm a big fan of the CC. It's bulletproof.

We use these Nissan branded Panasonic made EVSE's

We installed a 14-50 outlet and use this same EVSE on 110 and 240 by just changing out the twist lock adapter. You are better off having your electrician just install the outlet rather than doing a fixed permanent install. This way you can upgrade your EVSE in the future by yourself (by just unplugging it and plugging the new one in).
Thank you for all the info!
The higher amp models work just fine ... the Karma too if you opt for PowerSources charging mod...
How fast can you charge with the PowerSource mod?
TurboCord AV Solutions works great on my Fisker. 4.5-5hrs 0-50 mile charge. $499-240V
$ 599 120-and 240V. Amazon. Best thing I have found in addition to fast charging is size, no larger than convenience charger allowing you to take with you if have access to 240V at destination. ss89
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