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Chargepoint / home charger monitoring

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Has anyone figured out how to monitor your Chargepoint home charging station over the web? I know the installer said you could monitor usage etc but I have found nothing in their online help FAQs on how to link your station ID with your user account so you can monitor usage. (And their tech support is only M-F, 9-5p). Any help is appreciated so I won't have to keep running to the garage to see how my Karma is charging!
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Try this link:
drliu said:
Try this link:
That's just the login page - doesn't show how to add a home charging station to your profile.

Your installer should have linked or 'provisioned' your station. Mine theoretically did but there were several problems with it (wrong address was the worst) so it didn't work. I called Chargepoint Customer Support ((877) 850-4562) and asked for network support. They were able to get it provisioned (linked). I just needed to give them my station ID (4 digits in my case). While I was at home when I called, you don't need to be- everything can be done over the phone or by email.

Good luck
Send a message to [email protected] - they will need the id numbers from your charger. They should quickly respond and sync your charger. You can then use the app on your smartphone or ipad to monitor usage, be notified when charging is complete (or slow) and even stop charging remote. Great app.
I use the SMS system they have. It doesn't tell me what the current level is, but does notify me if there are any problems, such as a disconnect. Login -> My Account -> Setup Account -> Notification Preferences

There is the reports page, but I've not followed it in real time to see it it reports while I'm charging.
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