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Central Florida Dealer

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Needing to service my car in the next 30-60 days. I’ve searched for Karma Service or Karma Dealers here in Orlando but, no go.
I called the LandRover dealer which showed they were dealers or Karma cars back in the day but they stated they no longer have partnerships.
I had pulled my Car Fax report (being a new karma owner) and it she’s the car has been serviced every 2-3 months. I plan on doing the same as I’d really enjoy driving the car and researching more information on this forum.
Thanks to everyone for their time and feedback.
If anyone can get in contact with HarleyGuy as I thinks he’s the closest but, I cant seem to get a hold of him.

The CarFax report shows 2 owners and services from Atlanta Lincoln dealer ship.

I live in Orlando FL
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I've had my Karma since December 2011 and it has never been serviced every 2-3 months. That's ridiculous. Mine is serviced once every 12 months.
I was pretty shocked myself but here’s the report. Does not have much detail but, any guidance will help. HarleyGuy called me so we should be good once we speak ��
You can do a search for HarleyGuy and then send him a PM-private message.
Thank you. He contacted me. We should be speaking this week.
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