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As discussed elsewhere (, in the event there is a Fisker bankruptcy or a proposed sale, there may be an opportunity for all Karma owners to be heard as a group on issues such as reinstated warranty coverage. It would be useful to collect information on what repairs FB'ers have actually done, and the cost.

There are anecdotal posts on FB, but there has been no effort to really catalog actual repairs done, which might be useful information later.

So I would ask anyone with repair work other than routine maintenance to send me a Private Message (PM). If there is decent response, I will anonymize the data (no names or VINs) and post it here, which I think would be useful information for the community in general.

If you have work that would have been done under warranty, but hasn't been done, that information would be equally useful. For example: if you have a bad HVAC unit, but it doesn't impair your use of the car so you haven't fixed it, include that info and the quoted price of repair, if known.

In your PM include
Work actually performed/mileage at that time/cost:
Work needed but deferred/mileage at time/cost estimate:
Service Location:

If anybody has suggestions for other useful info, or can identify other FB'ers with known repairs (for me to PM for information), please let me know in this thread (which will drop quickly in the "active topic" listings where we can all see it).
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