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Car storage

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I was able to ship 2 2ftx2ft concrete slabs from home depot in the fisker without any damage :)

I was also able to ship a 55" LED tv in the passenger side. (tossed the box).

What is the biggest thing you can ship?


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your nuts lol! don't u have another car?!?! I think the only thing that's ever been in my trunk is the car cover.
I could use my wife's Q5 car, but then I have to ask her for it and I wanted to be independent that day. I could have called a taxi and it would be $15. But $15 on a $20 item I thought was too rich for my blood.

I got the landscape ties delivered instead of loading them into the Audi Q5. This was very practical considering $60 vs a big hassle and damaging the interior. I was short only 2 paving stones so using the Fisker to get them made sense.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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