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Buzzing Sound - Resolved (?)

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Hi all,

This was an interesting one - I was hearing a very annoying buzzing noise when driving over 50 mph or into a headwind. I might have even posted on the forum to see if anyone else had the issue. My wife told me just to turn the radio up, but that wasn't good enough for me.

I drove the car around with lots of insulation tape over anything that I thought could vibrate on the front end of the car. But that drew a blank (and took a lot of time).

Then I decided to use my windshield washer and the sound went away!

My theory is that the small pipes connected to the wiper arms are emptying of water over time and when light and empty they can vibrate in the airflow. I have tested this theory several times and whenever I hear the buzzing noise, I just wash my windshield and the sound goes away for a day or two!

Maybe of help to someone having something similar and getting equally frustrated.

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I am still getting the annoying buzzing noise which I eventually found I could make go away by running the windshield washers. Could it be the windshield wipers themselves? I replaced the OEM wiper blades with longer ones that didn't look like silly little fingers. Anyone else made that change and having the same experience? It's time to change the blades anyway, so I'll let everyone know what happens when I put nice new flexible rubber on the blades.
Just to close out this 'thread', which I started nearly two years ago, I did finally diagnose the buzzing noise I could hear in strong headwinds or driving briskly (same thing). It was indeed caused by the windshield wipers that I had installed in CA years ago. They are longer than standard, because it was felt that the stubby little wipers that come with the car, looked ridiculous (and only cleared the lower part of the windshield). So maybe we now know why the car has those silly wipers - to test, I simply placed a couple of Kleenex tissues under each blade, so they were not touching the glass. A swift test drive confirmed that the noise was completely gone.

I guess someone at Fisker Automotive in the dim distant past had the same issue and our stubby little wipers were the solution. I'm now wondering if the rubber has hardened over the years and whether a replacement of the blades with nice supple rubber would allow me to keep these better-looking wipers (without the buzzing noise).

I am happy that this is currently the only issue I have with the car - a blessing.
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