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Buyer beware about (Travis Richardson)

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This is warning about anyone thinking about dealing with Travis Richardson, his website is, and he used to post in this forum under Lormax.
About 3 weeks ago I contacted him about a problem with my friends Karma, dead instrument cluster and gear selector, he told me the VCM would need reprogramming so I removed it and sent to him in California. He acknowledged that he received and was going to work on it, several days went by and I tried to contact him again with no reply. It has been a couple weeks now and after leaving multiple texts and voicemails he has not replied. I'm left with no VCM and key.:huh::mad:
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Wow, that is a real bummer.....don't know how you missed all the threads on this forum stating that he had become a flake and couldn't be trusted.
Hope you get your stuff back!
Someone with big muscles needs to show up at his door one day. This has got to stop.
Not sure how many keys you sent him but anytime I do any Vcm work I ask for two keys. You can't program the the VCM without two keys but a good amount of time you just need one key to wake it up . It's just good insurance to have two keys present .
Also in order to program a VCM you need another car to install it into to program it if I'm in a rush a lot of times I send the keys and VCM to Fisker and have them program it they have a test platform which makes the programming easier the what we can do in the field . I can honestly say programming keys is a hit or miss job. Wake up signals it pretty straight forward .
I too paid him for electric motor repairs(5600.) and he brought the car back and after he left I discovered that it wasn't done or it was done improperly. I cannot reach him and he won't return calls. I think he has skipped.
Unfortunately the threads that I saw were old and were positive. I will file a police report and will do whatever I can to make sure he pays one way or another, this is far from over!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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