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Broken Blower Motor (No AC/Heat) - $4020 to Repair?!

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Hello all,

So I recently got my Fisker Karma serviced at the dealer here in Toronto for a failed charging module. No charge = nothing works! So about 3 days before the charging failure I did notice that the A/C was not blowing cold. I didn't mention that as part of the problem to the dealer, but I was assured that everything was fine with the car.

On my way back I realized that there was no air at all coming out. The only air was when driving fast and the outside air coming through the vents.

I was advised that the blower motor had failed and that the repair would cost $4025 + tax?! Even on most luxury cars it won't go above $500... after all it's just a simple motor for a fan... Most of the cost is due to the location of the blower motor. It is behind the dash so the whole dash would need to be taken apart and then reassembled.

Is there any way I could go around this? It just sounds like very poor engineering for such a trivial repair to cost so much. I realize that it's not the dealer's fault for the location of the blower motor, but it's just left me with a very bad taste in my mouth especially when I was told that the car was fully functional.

If it helps, the car is going to Florida soon so it can be fixed there if it makes things any easier / more affordable.

Thank you so much.
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So my blower motor is out also ..... I'm a DIY guy so I looked into it and have worked on many cars... Took me about 20 mins to get the blower motor out! No dash removal...very basic...I did need to bend a small bracket that is used to hold the cover under the passenger side but it went back just fine! And I didn't need to remove the dash!! It's the same blower motor from a Corvette....costed me $225...
Can you tell us please how did you manage to do so ?
Seems impossible for me.
Thank you.
There are water intrusion issues that cause the blower motor to get wet and short out. Not the same water issue as CIU. We figured it out and have fixed a few otgers with our method. Give me a call before you have it done. If they're charging you that much to do a blower motor I guarantee they don't know what to look for. Although I hate to reveal trade secrets I hate even worse to see someone get ripped off!
This is where the water gets in.
It needs to be sealed PROPERLY.
IF NOT DONE, as mentioned before, it will short out the blower AGAIN, soon or later. Every times it rains or you wash the car, water gets in there !

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Wow . Insane. Karma issued a 'service bulletin " for my 2018. Instead of a recall, that they would have to pay for it. A service bulletin becomes our problem. I got charged 900$ CAN + tx for the part , that comes from GM.
Hi Karmaa,


What dealer ? Montreal? or Karma of Calgary?
Hi Karmaa,


What dealer ? Montreal? or Karma of Calgary?
Karma Calgary gave me that estimate, but I ended up bring it to a private garage and I bought the part an gave them instructions what to do. Of course it was way cheaper. They only charged me 3 hours labour in total. I tried to do it myself, but it was not that easy ( unless I could have removed the blower without removing the dash and then would have been doable).
But to seal that part ( photo ) is the critical operation here... else replacing the motor is useless.

Karma design !!! They don't even want to fix a known issue. :(
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He told me he would send the photos off to Nissan to see what their opinion was. Well a got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the DP at Nissan to say Nissan had agreed to replace the complete leather interior, i was not expecting that so well done and thank you Nissan
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