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brake rotors

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so the brakes are brembo.. anyone have the model numbers for the rotors?

If someone has their wheel off can you snap a picture of the rotor? maybe find brembo model numbers?

lets say I wanted to put cross drilled rotors like the red car has on

or I want to put carbon composite rotors on the car..

These would be sweet!

ferrari scuderia
398mm x 36mm front rotors and 350mm x34mm rear rotors

fisker karma
370mm x 33mm front rotors and 365mm x 28mm rear rotors[hr]
ferrari bolt pattern 5x108
audi bolt pattern 5x112
fisker bolt pattern 5x120

Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brakes Pick a set of 5x120 (standard BMW bolt pattern) rotors

woohoo.. we have a light at the end of the tunnel... so I am looking for BMW Carbon Ceramic rotors..[hr]

so sad again[hr]
ok so the Corvette C6 Z06
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 120.65
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with the carbon rotors you would likely drop about 30lbs off the car... although 30lbs of sprung weight is huge

anyone have any weight reduction numbers for custom rims vs stock?

There has got to be about 200lbs to lose on the car besides my fat butt.. haha
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