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Blink Ecotality Charger -

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Thanks to @JAM_22, I now have my Karma hooked up to a Blink Ecotality Level 2 Charger. Life is good. However, if you take a look at the second picture, I have a question:

The Blink Network "Connection Failed" suggests to me that the Blink Network is not functional (ignore the LAN error - this is a WiFi connection). Is that the case, or have others been able to resolve this issue somehow?

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Ecotality went through a BK reorganization in 2013, which may have resulted in some changes in their network. ( They are probably the only ones that can help you with this issue.
I have the same charger in my shop I didn't use it for over a year and when I finally decided to hook it up I was able,to get right onto Blinks network that's when things went south.
Blink updated the software in the charger and locked me out they thought,the charger was part of a pay charging service and locked me out after two weeks of phones they finally downloaded software to the charger and that set it back to a owner charger.
That a couple months ago a phone call to Blink is all I did
By the way if you don't mind what did the charger cost you . Mine is on a metal stand that Blink makes which can be secured to concrete the stand has to,weigh 50 Lbs
I have the same charger and blink uploaded new software a couple times and locked me out as a owner twice. They kept switching the charger to a pay charger and putting it on the blink map. The only way to use the charger was to use my blink code and pay for my own power. Both times I had to call them and have them reverse the settings. The last time it took me a week to get it fixed so I disconnected it from the Lan and disabled the wifi. Have not had an issue ever since.

As a side note the first time blink gave me quite a hassle about owning the charger and wanted to ship me a different model that was not a public style but the model they offered didn't allow me to schedule the charge start time like I needed so I declined their offer.

The charger works great but the blink folks are very hard to deal with.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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