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Best charging practices for longest battery life?

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The Karma's battery is, fundamentally, lithium ion technology. As many of us know from our many Li ion-powered devices, charging and discharging practices can DRAMATICALLY affect battery lifetime. The Karma's battery life is stated to be 10 years, but I suspect that charging and discharging rates will shorten or lengthen this time frame.

For example, would exclusively using the 110V charger prolong battery life compared with the 220V charger? Usually the nC parameter (the charge rate relative to the battery's capacity) significantly influences a battery's ability to hold charge as a function of the number of charge cycles. If the nC value for the 110V charging is half that of the 220V charging, and *IF* this nC value is not already very low, then it's possible that the best way to prolong the Karma's battery life would be to use the 110V whenever possible, and use the 220V charger only when needed.

Can Nimisys or anyone else with technical knowledge of the Karma's battery comment?

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I asked this same question to the forum a couple of months ago (haven't searched for the thread) and I think CT answered it. In summary, 110 may prolong the battery life, but only very fractionally, based on the specs of the battery. My impression was it really is fine to use 220 without any long-term battery life concerns.

*UPDATE* The discussion about Level 1, 2, & 3 charging, and effects on battery life are here. And it was Kab who answered the question. Hope this helps.
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