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Battery depleted Stealth v. Sport modes

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This question has come up a couple of times and we have never really come up with a satisfactory answer, but with the active participation of @Nimsys and @Harleyguy and others, I would like to see if we can get an authoritative answer to this question:

With the HV battery depleted to 0 Mile range (i.e., 15% - 20% left) and the ICE range extender running, what is the difference between Stealth and Sport modes? We know that the top speed of the car is limited to 95MPH in stealth mode and 125MPH in sport mode. But does this mean that the ICE output is limited depending on mode also? It seems that the full power of the ICE should be available regardless of mode when the HV battery is depleted, but is it?

I would appreciate an authoritative response from one of our Karma experts.
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as far as i can tell so far, there really isn't one (outside of top speed), though stealth will try to last a little longer on battery from a stop than sport.
That's a tough one for sure to answer since we are also kept in the dark how some of these systems work . I know a couple things as far as the Ice one thing is the motor is very capable of turning the generator to a point that the coupling between the two parts would tear apart also the way the ICE is set up they aren't even close to using it's full potential of output I understand they don't use close too a 100HP of what the engine can put out I guess you can call it wasted energy .But they need that size engine in order to turn the generator and have no lag when the ICE is needed for the highest output of power.
I also believe they limit the speed limit not because the car can't go any faster but the demand that's made on the traction motors and the energy they consume I don't think it's the old case of demand and supply . Just a guess maybe the drive train can't handle anymore power I know the cars handling and braking wouldn't have a problem .
Just remember more power and speed comes at a cost how else can they say the car gets X amount of MPGe you have for hold it back in order to show the car actually will get a certain amount of mileage in Stealth mode .

At some point I will get to talk to some of the designers and ask crazy questions but at this point there isn't enough hours in the day to handle what the owners are going though now things are going in a very positive way and after Tuesday's reveal Fisker has to make it right to much on the line now with more model cars coming .
Right now all I care about it keeping the Karma owners happy and the cars on the road so we can increase sales .
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Actually at 175kw, the generater require 235hp to spin, which would be why the generater was reduced form 185kw (250hp) and why the engine is sized to 260hp (though a 290hp/340ft-lbs upgrade could be possible), if an engine is most efficent above 80% load, it is currently peaking at 90%, with idle at 60-65%
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