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Back to hacking the Modules.

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Hi Guys, I had a bit of free time today and had my contro module on the bench for the e69 controller.

It is running custom no gm stuff some communications but for the most part, the scan tool works exactly like GM.

When trying to read out the ecm, it looks as if it is a different type of locking.

If anyone can email me some STOCK files from a factory flash dealer tool folder that would jump me weeks ahead.

My goal, well to have a tool people can use to modify things the way they want. Full power when you want. Bug fixes like the pulsing, and other things that bother us every day. It is possible to pull the ecm out and tear it apart and read it out like the euro cars do, but I am trying to make it all work thru the obd2 port.

The seed algo is a XX XX XX format which differs from Gm of XX XX.

So, I should be able to figure things out more when I see the oem bin structure.

My email jessebubb at

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Yes it was done. However had signed some nda stuff so ohh well..
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