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Audi confirms plug-in extended-range EV A3, A4, and Q7

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More future competition for Nina.

Fourtitude said:
R8 e-tron Due Later this Year with plug-in A3 e-tron, A4 e-tron and Q7 e-tron Models to Follow
While most knew the all-electric R8 e-tron was on the way this year, the big news here is the confirmation of additional "plug-in hybrid" e-tron models to come including the new Audi A3 and next-generation MLB-evo A4 and Q7.

By mentioning they would be "plug-ins" this qualifies them as e-tron badged models under our explanation of the nomenclature. This means electric power and propulsion with some sort of power-generating combustion engine backup. Audi is currently testing their A1 e-tron pilot fleet in Munich - cars that use a small rotary engine as a reserve due to the low rev and low vibration operation of the design. Would Audi do similar configurations for the A3, A4 and Q7?

Audi said:
"Under our e-tron master plan, Audi intends to follow the launch of our hybrid models this year with the launch of our first electric vehicle: the R8 e-tron.

While we are planning small-scale series production for this car, which is a vital element in our innovation and technology plans, the electric driving experience will become a reality for a growing clientele with our plug-in hybrids. Our pioneering vehicle in this field is the Audi A3, with the market launch of a plug-in version slated for 2014. This will be followed by the next-generation Audi A4 and Audi Q7 plug-in cars – starting in 2014 and in successive years. In 2020, we want to have an e-tron available in every segment and to achieve total sales in the six-figure range."
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will the r8 really be out this year? anyone who knows the cost?
Michael said:
will the r8 really be out this year? anyone who knows the cost?
My dealer says Audi has been teasing them for a while and is unsure of anything at this point. He did say he expects it to cost at or above what the spyders cost.
The word from my Audi dealer super car specialist is 2014 or later for the e-tron R8. No estimate on pricing from him.
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