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SoCalGuy said:
Saturday morning, still no car and no call from Henrik. I'm starting to notice that the quality of Fisker customer service really depends on who you get. The dealers, and mine in particular, don't have the same urgency or follow-up dedication. In the last few days, I've had many "we will call you back in an hour" only to wait several hours and have no call back (thus, requiring me to call them time and time again). Ditto with Fisker corporate and their customer affairs group. I've had one very good rep and another that has yet to deliver on his 'I'll call you back' or 'e-mail you in the next hour' promises.

Henrik, if you're reading this, attention to detail and follow-up are the key differentiators and will go along way to "ensuring customer satisfaction" (a quote from his spokesman/yes-man from the Yahoo Auto article).

Media, if you're reading this, I'm happy to share my Fisker experience with you, in all its disappointing detail.

EDIT: Its worth noting I've e-mailed Henrik on several occasions and have never ever received a reply. So the notion that Fisker's PR people are putting out there that he's accessible etc, is totally bogus. In a day and age when Apple's Steve Jobs, former CEO of the world's largest company by market cap, was known quite funnily as having responded to several consumer's emails (especially with Antenna-gate when Iphone 4 came out), how is it that Henrik fancies himself as too good to reach out/reply/respond to customer e-mails? God knows there aren't very many of us and even fewer of us that have taken the time to write him e-mails.

I got a call on my answering machine from Mr. Fisker, apologizing for the delay in delivery of my car. I got it this past Saturday, they delivered it from the dealer to my home. My dealer asked me if Mr. Fisker called and I told him he left a message on my machine. He asked me if I would like a call back at a better time and told him I would prefer a call back after I had the car for a few weeks. he said he would try to arrange that.
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