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Welcome to the ATL! There's actually quite a few of us around. This list is a little old but:

Handle Car Location
LonePalmBJ Deep Ocean EcoSport Roswell
Karma 2012 White EcoStandard
MartySmith361 Earth or Shadow EcoSport Midtown
ffcars Silver EcoSport Acworth
Fiskxican Smyrna
AlJohn Deep Ocean EcoSport Lawrenceville
ATL2013 Earth EcoSport
Mudriy Inferno EcoSport Dunwoody
AwesomeRide Deep Ocean EcoSport
JoeUpshaw Inferno EcoSport
duffman30607 Inferno EcoSport Athens
ACFSCF Eclipse Buckhead
TimLe Deep Ocean EcoSport Norcross
TeamOne Silver EcoChic
Jomak Laguna

There's plenty of others too, of course. I've gotten some Karma's together at the monthly Caffeine and Octane car show, and I've also seen mine and others at the occasional "Caffeine and Exotics" show too. I also organize a Karma get-together for the Plug-In drive electric day in September.

Good to know. Mine is EcoSport and Woodstock area. Keep me on the list of any events and I will PM you my email. I love to talk shop!
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