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Hi guys,

I'm a car photographer with a blog that focuses on rare and remarkable cars.

I've shot a Karma in Switzerland recently and the album is really nice. I could write about the car myself, but I have no authentic point of view on it - thought I'd come and talk with some real enthusiasts and owners and see if someone thinks they could help (or own entirely) with an article to complement the images.

In terms of an angle to think about, I was imagining something like: 'Tesla wears the crown for coolest electric car manufacturer, but Fisker broke the mold with the Karma'

Because for me, and I'm guessing a few of you as well, this was THE electric car that made me see that this is the inevitable future of driving. Electric cars simply weren't cool before, but the Karma changed that.

So I was thinking if someone (no offense, but you'd have to have some talent at writing, I'm proud of the standard on the blog) was passionate about the idea, they could potentially own (and be credited for) the article as their own work.

Or perhaps it would be fun to piece together an article here if everyone gave their thoughts? The sort of stuff you think people should know, that you haven't seen the big car media talk about much.

Here's a few of the photos from the album below, and please feel free to PM me if you wish.


Samuel Cuthbert

Edit: embedded pics didn't work (new account problem?) but here's a link to them off site.
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