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Another one sold

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Forgot to post this little old but true .i had him working with me in the shop yesterday someone tried breaking into the car and messed up the drivers window regulator lucky for him they didn't break the glass .
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Amazing. You get all the good people in your shop..they come to see you Harleyguy. I think they call you a Baller... Lol

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something about the white color on the fisker.. you can clearly see the detailed lines and appreciate the design
fisker look sportier , sexier super car look..;)
I agree that white is definitely one of the best colors to show off the lines of the Karma.
Just like the other reality show that was posted, I have no idea who that guy is or what show he's on.
Because I have a 13-year-old daughter the only reason why I know who this guy is he's on the Kardashian.

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He also owns a PR firm and a clothing company and has a bunch of other things going on. Google Jonathan Cheban I also think his replacing our present spokes person to do our advertising .
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