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Another Fisker marketing blunder - this guy is worse than Joe Biden!

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In a recent Fox News interview, Fisker said he INTENTIONALLY moved farther away from work to better test his Karma. So instead of having a 30 mile roundtrip commute from his Newport Beach house to HQ, he now has a 100 mike commute! What kind of "green" CEO increases his carbon footprint intentionally????
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If it was only about the carbon footprint, he would be making Leafs. It is about the fact that he is trying to demonstrate that he really cares about the car and how it performs.He is demonstrating that he is not a two-faced CEO when it coms to his product, that he uses it and that he likes using it. He could afford any other car, but he chooses to drive the car his company makes. If that is not a good marketing strategy, I don't know what is. I bought a Karma because it looks awesome and is green to boot, and I think that is his market, and he is marketing to it well. I am sure there were other factors that truly went into his decision to live where he does other than making a commute, but those reasons don't sell cars.
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