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I have witnesses to the following. I know how improbable this is going to sound.

After replacing my ICU (Perhaps unrelated but, problem solving 101 - "What last changed?"), my passenger side vents blow nice warm air. So cozy... *sigh*

However, the driver side vents blow only *freezing* cold air. If I close the driver side vents, some of the cool air seems to "leak" into the passenger side vents and they blow a mixture of warm and cold air.:s

Any theories out there about what could possibly be wrong? I had no idea this was even possible!

No, it is not set on Dual.

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The HVAC unit is either on its way out but depending on your VIN number you might have a early HVAC control module the early ones weren't able to be updated with software . The later ones can sometimes using Prodis we can reinitialize the control module and the vents will start working correctly .
Do you get any air out of the defroster vents even if you have the vents set to come out from the dash board ?
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