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I live a little ways up in the hills so every morning I drive down about a mile and a half with the Hill 2 mode engaged. Since my 6.15 update I have had the command center lockup twice on boot up and not get past the Fisker logo which makes for a fairly boring drive without music or air circulation. The strange part is when this has happened both times the Hill 2 mode is very aggressive at low speeds. Usually in addition to having Hill 2 engaged I have to ride the brakes to keep from building up too much speed. With the command center locked up Hill 2 at low speeds has the regenerate at close to the letter E on the white Generate text. Anyone else see anything like this? I much prefer the aggressive Hill 2 mode as normally at low speeds I can't tell the difference between Hill 1 and Hill 2.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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