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Hello everyone,

First allow me to welcome you to Fisker Buzz. If you're reading this, then you've stumbled upon what I hope to build into the internet's #1 website for the latest Fisker news and Fisker Karma discussion.

I am an avid car enthusiast of many makes, (especially Saab, Lotus, and Audi) yet have taken a special appreciation of the Fisker Karma. When I was trying to learn more about the car several months ago, it became clear that there was no central hub on the internet for Fisker enthusiasts and potential Fisker Karma owners to share information in a Fisker-only environment. Hence why I created Fisker Buzz.

If you have any helpful suggestions or questions, please mention them so we can improve the community for all. Hopefully, you will find Fisker Buzz a useful resource and I encourage you to register and introduce yourself.


- Taylor

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Thanx for creating this site and if it was you that went over to to invite us over here, then I thank you for that. I am an owner of a Tesla Roadster & have a deposit # 79 on a Fisker Karma. I love the Karma, but I lust after the Sunset! I agree that there was no central place to vet my appetite for Fisker knowledge so thanx for building this site. Ciao, Ian :blush:
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