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About to pull the trigger. Need Help!!!

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I'm in the process of purchasing an all white Fisker with 16,000 miles. The vehicle is at a dealership and he assured me all of the work has been done except for the pullie on the driver's side door. The salesman was super cool and seemed to be knowledgeable. I had the VIN researched and it did not list the RDM motor being repaired and the battery being replaced. Could someone help me to determine whether this was done. VIN: YH4K14AA6CA000979.
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I will take a look into this in the morning and see what I can come up with .
You need to determine the S/Ns of the battery and traction motors. Your vin is on the cusp of vehicles that we're updated. Many Karmas were used as parts cars so VINs aren't determinative. Hoist the car and provide the serial numbers to Harleyguy. I can also get the answers for you. Just PM one of us and we can tell you the status of the car's upgrades.
ok thanks so much! I'm attempting to obtain the information now.
The following is the description on ebay:
Vehicle Description

-Sirius XM Radio Ready
-Climate Control Dual-Zone Automatic AC
-Heated Front and Rear Seats
-6 Way Power Front Seats
-Bi-Xenon Headlamp w/LED Interior Lighting
-Auto Dimming Rear and Side Mirrors
-Voice Activated Navigation
-Rear View Camera
-All Updates Have Been Performed
-New Tires

Checkout Car and Driver's Review of the Fisker Karma:
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Has the hose clamp been rotated? Has the trunk spring been removed? Has the software been updated? How about the water intrusion fix? The latest updated battery? The updated clip in the RDM? Door pull rings been changed out? Updated exhaust? Heat shields removed?

I'd be wary about claims without any type of service paperwork to go along with it.
Trunk springs removed? What was this issue/fix?
trunk spring just makes it hard to close...
Trunk springs removed? What was this issue/fix?
i had this done on my car -- travis removed it on his trip to virginia. per his understanding, fisker over engineered the truck release, first with a spring in the latching mech. and then with springs on the arms that open the trunk. he could probably explain it better. end result is , the trunk opens and closes much eaiser and on the first try.
Try this link to confirm seller's representations:.
This is the last "official" Fisker Automotive info. Lomax, HarleyGuy, and others on this forum are former/existing Fisker employees/specialists. What they, including Ira's advice is from real world experience with the car. I know it's hard to have all this checked out, however both HarleyGuy (east coast) and Lomax (west cost) may offer a pre-purchase inspection at a reasonable cost. If time doesn't permit (noticed ebay), if the price is right, you are willing to have/experience some potential build quality & repair expenses, take the risk. The car is beautiful, unusual, a little finikie, but a real fun car to own. Good luck! I bought mine and have had very minor issues. My VIN is close to yours (not sure if that really matters).
Thanks. I bought the car and its being shipped tommorrow. I figured I would just take the plunge and what ever happens happens. I'm excited to get a gorgeous vehicle.
congrats...why is your name Karmatesla? Do you own a Tesla as well?
Give me a call when you're ready. I'll go over it for you as we discussed. For now just enjoy it.

Yes, I bought both the Tesla p85 and the Fisker. I don't know why people compare the two. They are two different vehicles and I love them for two different reasons. Either way the vehicles are a step in the right direction.

I will call you as soon as it arrives. Once again, THANKS!!!
Post some pics of your two cars side by side when you get a chance. Always nice to see the two best EVs out there together!
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