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A cool meet up!

While in Orange County today (parents 50th wedding anniversary) with the family and the car, took a few family members out for a quick ride. Got the typical looks and stares and fingerpointing which I'll admit continues to be a fantastic benefit of having the Karma.

Anyway, at a red light, this guy came barrelling up on my right side and wanted me to roll my window down. I figured it was another person asking the same questions "who makes it?" and "do you like it?" So I rolled down the window and the guy said "so... do you like it?" I was about to give the typical response (which is "yes, I love it") but his face seemed very familiar. He introduced himself as none other than Tom LaSorda, yes that Tom LaSorda!

Very cool red light meet up with the new CEO of Fisker Automotive. Thanks Tom, hope to see you soon at a Fisker event!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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