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9 Karma's sold at exhibitions

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The Fisker Karma (the show car in Silver Wind-scheme) was the shining star at two exhibitions in the RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam: Green Today and The Millionaire Fair. Importer Kroymans sold 9 cars in just 5 days time!

Here are some pictures of the Karma being lifted into the exhibition center last week.

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Here is a video as well (with the Karma moving!):
Wimbledon said:
Here is a video as well (with the Karma moving!):
Hello Fisker - friends! I'm new in this forum, but I'm in the Fisker "club" from more as 2 years.

congratulations, Dutch.
I think, I know who's driving the Karma in this hall ...:rolleyes:

Greetings from Italy! :)
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