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will said:
* I used the climate control a lot and still can't figure out when "auto" is actually doing anything. I end up setting the fan speed and heat manually with a half dozen clicks. Its very dangerous to do while driving because the small buttons on the interface for critical things.

* I'd prefer physical controls for the most common things which for me are AC & Audio volume. The digital controls should be for various settings and more detailed tuning. Simple dials in the day: - and in this screenshot the more advanced controls could be in the GUI.

* At night there is no way to dim/turn off the console that I've found. This is a startling oversight.

* the voice command tag system is unusable. I tried several times.

* In stealth mode MPH should show in the same place it does on sport mode.

* Both clocks are terrible. Reading the one on the console may cause a crash and the one on the dash doesn't need to be laid out like it is.

Amen, brother!

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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