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This weekend I added another 275 miles to my Karma. Really no major problems. Here are some of the highlights and issues thus far (have had the Karma for 4 weeks, and driven it for 7 days, a total of 650 miles, mostly in Sport mode)

- Note that I've been driving my car mostly (95%+) in the 'range extend' mode (i.e. Sport mode with less than 15 miles of battery range)

- Acceleration is great, more than adequate for freeway driving. The 0-40 time beats pretty much all cars I've driven, and 0-60 is good, 40-65 is good as well - have never experienced the sluggishness that kiwi or brian have noted

- Main thing I learned with the Karma's acceleration is to not be afraid to mash down on the pedal - its not nearly as sensitive as a 540's gas pedal, so you need to push it down a bit further than most other sporty cars (1/2 way down gets you more than enough zip)

- I've had ZERO non-starts so far - car has always gone into drive/reverse no problem

- I noticed for the first time a rear, passenger side rattle at high freeway speeds which I've asked my dealer to fix

- There is some wind noise at highway speeds that seems to be coming from the driver's window/door seal

- There is an occasional rattling that seems to come just in front of driver's feet that sounds like metal on metal - this might be the heat shield problem folks have been referring to - it is VERY annoying/distracting and is certainly on my must-fix list

- Overall, mecahnically, the car has operated like a champ - no show stoppers - handles very well, accelerates fantastically, engine noise is minimal.

- I've averaged 24mpg in Sport-range extend mode, driving the car almost exclusively with HIll 1 and 2 regen braking.

SOFTWARE - Running 6.12
- This is by far the weakest point of the car

- Command Center - have gotten used to the slow response time

- Have had the usual issues with SAT presets going away, Bluetooth crackling/echos, etc

- My speedo has NEVER gone out though, nor have I had any random Check Engine lights etc. IN fact, funny thing yesterday: I got in the car, started it up, it said trunk was open. I thought "Shoot, my first sensor error". So I let the car go to sleep until PRND was off. I started car again and it still said Trunk Open. So I walked out opened trunk, closed it, and it was fine. I guess it wasn't really closed - so the sensors actually worked as intended!

- My only major software dash issue was the car not telling me my parking brake was engaged - luckily I remembered putting it on so I released it and could hear the brakes disengage. Haven't had that problem since.

- EDIT: Sometimes the energy flow screen says 0MPG even though the trip miles continues to increment

- EDIT: Sometimes on the dash display its showing a different trip (e.g. Trip A instead of Trip B)

- EDIT: The clock in the Command Center seems very tempermental. Sometimes it shows the right time. Other times its off by 30 minutes or an hour. Very bizarre, but minor in overall scheme of things.

- Software can be fixed relatively easily, but fit/finish issues can't

- I have the trademark trunk overbite, as posted previously on this forum - I was at the dealer this weekend and saw 5 cars on the showroom awaiting delivery - they ALL had the same overbite and all had the bumper issues I did, some as severe, others less so

- The trunk overbite is not nearly as bothersome as the panel gap from the rear bumper near the side reflectors - the one on the driver's side is noticeable and needs to be fixed!

- Inside, only major issue is the leather on part of the front passenger seat looks too crumpled/eco-friendly ;/

- Overall, car is AMAZING but still short of what it could be. If Fisker can fix my fit/finish issues and get the software right, this would be quite possibly the best car I've ever owned EDIT: best car OF ALL TIME.

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I think all issues, from heat shield and wind turbulence to the panel gap and software problems can be solved. The trunk overbite is the only thing that probably cannot be fixed, unless the whole trunk cover gets replaced (the overbite on my car was corrected a bit, but the dealer said that's as much as could be done - no space to move it any further). But if the trunk overbite in the end is the only things that remains, and on every front the car is marvellous, I don't think we should complain.
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