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Hi All,
Unfortunately the time has come that I am selling my beloved Fisker. I have enjoyed every second of owing this car and will miss her terribly. I have listed her on Autotrader and spoken to Joe Ferrante to let him know that she is for sale in case he runs across anyone looking for a car that he knows and has all needed maintenance, updates done.

I am asking $50k
I know that I am biased, but this is a truly special Karma and will make someone very very happy!

Here are the details per the autotrader ad:
Signature Edition #62 - showroom condition inside and out. She has been shown frequently over the last year and has numerous wins in the Tri-State area. Most recently she took home the exclusive "Best of Class" trophy at the Cincinnati Concours d'Elegance.
Two owner car and has been maintained by Fisker Specialist (Fisker of Cherry Hill) and needs nothing.
Repairs/updates include:
Latest 530 & 535 software upgrade
Wiring Harness Upgrade
Rear Traction Motors replaced
New window/door trim installed for driver and passenger
4 new tires
New Brembo brake pads
Left front wheel scratch repaired
Battery checked and all cells determined well balanced
New Magni Coated Lug Nuts added
10k miles

Garage kept and never driven in inclement weather.
If you are looking for an exclusive and impeccably maintained Fisker, this is your car.
Will include our Clipper Creek 220v wall charger with the car.

I an send pics if you would like just send me an email to [email protected]
I couldn't figure out how to put them on here - sorry!

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out of curiosity why are you selling? there seem to be a lot of people selling karma's lately.
For me there are couple of reasons. First, we just made another investment into a new company and my time and energy is very limited. I have just not been driving the Fisker and she sits in my garage all of the time. It just seems like a total waste and I am not in the position to have a garage ornament with that price tag.
Secondly, my oldest two kids are beginning to drive and we just don't have enough room for everyone's vehicles. Again, since the Fisker is not my daily driver and just sits in the garage taking up space since I am so limited on time, it seems very indulgent since freeing up that space could solve a problem. I won't let me teenagers drive her so it's kind of a lose/lose situation.

I truly don't want to sell her and have been trying to justify keeping her, but I really just can't. If something changes before she sells (like we find a house with more garage space or one of our companies is purchased! :) then I will keep her. Honestly I am praying for one of those solutions and I am actively pursuing both. We will see......
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