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I thought I'd start the 6.14 thread early with something interesting I heard from my dealer today.

He called to let me know 6.13 had been released. He also mentioned that a 6.14 would be coming. I told him that I heard it corrected Command Center and Nav issues, and he told me his understanding was different.

Accoring to my dealer, he believes 6.14 is intended to addresses some mechanical/functional issues. Apparrently some delivered cars have experienced backfires, which cause the Check Engine light to illuninate or flash. The backfires apparrently also have the very unfortunate consequence of knocking the car out of Sport mode. The car will not re-engage Sport mode (i.e. re-engage the ICE) until a hard reset is performed, meaning you would be in EV only mode with the attendant range risks. He's heard that some dealers have reported this issue. I didn't get a sense for how prevalent it is, so I don't know if this was one car or many.

Has anyone heard anything to corroborate this?

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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