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530 Update

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Does anyone have any news about the 530 update. I know it was originally slated for fall but had some delays but thought it was going to be out before the end of the year. Just checking in to see what anyone knows. Thanks.
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My CSP in Toronto told me some time in May, not before year end!.
My CSP in Toronto told me some time in May, not before year end!.

@FiskerZee - are you sure the May timeframe wasn't a guess about BL 540? Every indication we've received from Karma Automotive on their forums about BL 530 is that it will be released before Christmas 2015.
Could be that I got it wrong.
The latest update is on Karma Automotive from Karmanews:

"well before Xmas. I expect early November, but we're still doing final validation as we speak. b) through this forum as well as through a direct email campaign to all registered owners as well as through contacts from the various CSP's towards their known owner.

Obviously, the early November date is passed. However, it is recommended that original owners have any maintenance needs addressed before the end of the CSP Jan 31, 2016. Karma Automotive has said they will honor the upgrade as long as it is requested. No other maintenance can be extended pass 1/31/16, so it is imperative all issues are addressed ASAP.
Thanks. We can therefore get the 530 done any time and not before end of Jan 2016.
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