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2022 Karma GS-6?

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I completely understand that this is a Fisker forum. But all of the links I can find to the Karma Automotive Hub community forum are broken or dead. The Karma Automotive "Client Services" corporate phone number goes straight to voice mail (855) 565-2762, and my calls have not been returned.

I have only been able to find a handful of used GS-6 models for sale, two were “special editions."

Can anyone confirm whether Karma Automotive is still in business?
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I don't have an answer but would also be interested in knowing.
I'd also like to know if KA produced even less cars than FA's approximate 2000 Karmas.
I just ordered a new GS-6 last month from Orlando Karma, which they are telling me it may even be titled as a 2024. They said it will be ready around March/April 2023. No dealers are keeping them in stock currently. I have a Revero (very few changes than the Fisker) now but the GS-6 is so nice and very fast! Palm Beach Karma let me use a demo all weekend and I was shocked at the performance! Wish they left the solar panel roof though, even though kinda useless. I love they way it looks on the Revero, not so much on the Fisker though, which I've had 2 of since 2012.
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