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Good day all, First off I want to introduce my self
I am a Licenced class A tech that’s about to help a good friend put his 2012 Fisker Karma back on the road after an 18Month hiatus this beautiful car has 7,500 klms I don’t profess to be an expert on Fisker although I have knowledge on EV vehicles and I’m currently Converting a 1970 BMW 2002 tii to Tesla powered modules with Hyper9 Hv from electric Gt in California, and I’m in Niagara Ontario 🇨🇦

Because there is No service history with vehicle and current owner has owned for 2 yrs, Here’s following before I get into the Fisker
1) is there a Recommended 12V replacement battery Type and make size etc
2) are there any sources of information/ records for Canadian owners.
3) I’ve heard good things about Harleyguy and understand he is the Karma guru
3) altho I’m a competent Licenced tech I want to be informed with Do’s and Don’ts when working on this vehicle with absolutely no power to both 12v system and Main battery Pack
4) I have serviced 2 previous 2012 models for clients and have been involved in replacing the main battery pack several years ago and still look after these cars which have been trouble free altho had some dealer service and updates

My plan is to start off with a new 12v battery as the one in car which I’m told was new will not take charge or boost
Any help advice on bringing this beautiful vehicle to life before I really get into diagnosing and waking the car up I’m sure I’ll find my way, but would like to draw some info from you forum members/ owners
Thx in advance
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