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200 Fisker Karmas sitting in storage waiting to be shipped says Edmunds

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Interesting article from Edmunds Auto Observer can be found here.

Most interesting quote:

"As of last week, 200 of the approximately $100,000 Karmas were sitting in storage, awaiting air quality certification by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board."

They don't cite a source for that information but it seems to jibe with the other bits of news we are getting along the same lines.

-- Fab.
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Went to the Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta today, Fisker of Atlanta had one of the early-run Karmas on display. The rep said that the first shipment of cars had arrived last night in New York - "600 cars."
600 :huh: It would be great (for American customers) if this is true.

We are getting somewhat conflicting reports:

- That a few hundred finished cars are sitting at the plant (200 according to Edmunds), which has been confirmed by several sources.
- That a ship with US demo cars set sail last week from Finland.
- That a ship with 600 cars has arrived in New York (probably the same ship). That is a big number for just demo cars, there must also be a lot of customer cars among those 600.

I guess it's idle hope to think this will be clarified soon.
magnus said:
The rep said that the first shipment of cars had arrived last night in New York - "600 cars."
The math on that does not really work out. Fisker and others have said that 37 demo cars are on their way to the US and it would make sense that as they have built cars at the factory, that there are some cars waiting to be shipped. I am pretty sure my car would be among the first 600 to be built and they are not going to even start mine until October 12, so it seems unlikely that there are 600 cars already in NY.

As usual for Fisker, this is all speculation so who knows what is really going on.

-- Fab.
Yep, I did the same math too. My car was six-hundred-something, but since the tri-tone's all got delayed mine should have been in the first 600 made, yet it only went into production last monday. Seems more likely that there are just the demo cars on the boat, and the others are waiting in Finland for the next boat. Assuming they're done with my car now then theoretically they should have built around 600 so far.

My dealer told me he'd heard that I'll get my car before they will get their demo. So, I'm sure there were customer cars on that boat too. I could be only days away from driving my car home,
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