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Originally Posted by brian
... This number is 100% arbitrary since it totally depends on how far a person needs to drive in a day. Some people with 200 mile commutes may get only 30MPG while others may get infinite MPG if they never use the generator. 82MPG is a useless number.
Indeed. All plug-in hybrid "single number" estimates are terrible in this same way. You need (at least) two numbers, an EV "km/kWh" and a petrol "mpg" or "liters per km", which you can put together yourself. Unfortunately, we live in a world aimed at the lowest common denominator, i.e., things need to be dumbed down just past the point of usefulness.

The number I want to know is the true MPG when the battery runs out and just the gas generator is running. I'd like to know what the car really gets when running just on gas alone since that's a useful figure to have.
Here, the numbers we (or at least I) have are: 250 miles, and a 9.5 gallon (US gallon; 36 liter) tank. This gives a hair over 26 mpg.

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