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Originally Posted by FiskerZee View Post
Hello fellow owners. I have not been on this forum for a while but I still drive my beloved Fisker and it has 62,000 kms on it now,

I am technical and quite savy at all things dealing with the Fisker or any car, so please don't be shy in putting forth technical answers. For several years, I keep putting on the winter wheel and tire set and live with the stupid MIL that is related to the TPMS for 4 months until I change to the summer wheel set and the MIL disappears itself.

This year, I thought to solve this problem, so I bought an ATEQ VT 36 which has the Fisker in it. I switched the car on, closed the doors, pinged each sensor as required in the format recommended by the VT 36. All were read OK and pinged nicely. I then sat in the car, drove t for 40 miles non stop but the MIL did not disappear. I even called a very helpful and knowledgeable ATEQ technical guy who said that I have done everything right and the MIL should have disappeared. As the sensors are all fine and the battery levels are all OK, what am I doing wrong please? I know several people in the past used the ATEQ tools and were successful. What am I missing please? I repeated this three times nd still no luck!!.

Do I need PRODIS? \if so, where do I get it from and how then do I link the pinged sensors using PRODIS in the car? What's the procedure please?

If no PRODIS, how do I do this? I know many dealers do it with the ATEQ tools. The VT 36 ain't cheap, and was supposed to work but did not. Any advice from you chaps or chappeses? What am I missing please? Why does it not work? Thanks. SZ
As far as I know everything has to be done in PRODIS, even the TPMS. You need a special laptop with PRODIS installed on it. You can't buy it 'from the shelve' unfortunately.
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