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Sounds good Bart - it just happened, but it had been a year since the last time, so not bad.

Re-reading the OP, I note that the problems all seem pretty minor:

1. After charging it over night, the car wouldn’t start (had a flashing green READY light on the dash). While waiting for AAA to arrive, after an hour the Flashing Green Ready light went away and the car started.

Probably could have fixed this with a hard reset (short term fix, and then upgrade software to 520 and hopefully that would be long term fix).

2. The HVAC system is stuck on defrost mode!

If you mean your windshield is fogging, that sounds like a broken screen, not stuck on defrost mode. The low-tech fix is to cut something to block up that vent. It’s not worth fixing IMO because it will break again.

3. The high beams don’t turn on.

A very recent post indicates this may be a burned bulb, also not a major fix. I couldn’t even tell you if my own are working, since I have little cause to use highbeams. Unless you drive at night s lot and live in an area with lots of deer on the road, not a huge deal.

4. The right front turn signal only works sometimes (intermittently).

Sounds also like a new bulb would do it.

Maybe I’m wrong on one or more of the above, but I think you’re giving up too easily. I assume you didn’t make this purchase on a whim, and had some idea that you were buying an 8 year old car which would entail some repairs. Maybe your mechanic is looking to buy the car through a friend when you bail? Anyway, I completely disagree with the $5-10k/year estimate. If it cost that much, I wouldn’t be here.
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