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I understand your concern. Until now my car has been reliable in the sense it always has driven and never left me anywhere stuck. I also agree with the mechanic, it is not a Japanese car. Prepare yourself for some cost, especially when the mileage is low. That's the reason my car had 30k miles on it when I bought it, in the hope major issues would already have been solved. Since then minor components had to be replaced in chronological order from 2017: 12v battery, the motor cooling fan (out of balance / vibrating), PTC heater, front lower control arm bushings left and right, 4 tires, cabin blower motor, front passenger airbag, contactor #5 and the onboard charger module.

Until now 1 or 2 times a year I have a flashing ready error that until now always has been solved by a hard reset. And sporadically i get a reduced performance error probably due to the coupler that fails and wil need to be replaced in the next couple of years.

Most important to take into account is replacing the rear differential module and traction motors due to the soft spline issue. Furthermost battery modules may fail some time.

Maybe it is wise to check your car what is needed to be done in the future so you can make an estimate of the cost.

In my opinion you definately need to love this car, for the looks, for the technical engineering behind it, for the deeper thought in creating this car. It definately will become a collectors item someday, although it comes at a cost...

Merry Christmas,

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