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Originally Posted by dangerousbeans View Post
They said they balanced it for a day or something. I asked them prior to the service if any of the other modules are failing... they told me they couldn’t say until they replaced the one... I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s a crappy way to find out.

At this point, they probably all need replaced if they are going out at this rate... or at least I’d be worried to replace them one by one.. two cells and labor nearly costs what a hv battery does if I remember correct.

Did they balance the replaced battery module...? The module could be balanced prior to installation. In my opinion, all 15 modules should be balanced to the exact same voltage before installing the battery pack. There is no need for “balanced it for a day” if done right. The car will not balance or bring cells back to life if the cell deviation operates outside the manufacturer’s specifications.

A “worst case” scenario is if someone installs a new module with a higher voltage which will result in charging being interrupted when that module reaches full charge.

I suspect that you have more than one bad module if your car instantly drops from 14 miles to zero, your faulty code / codes will pinpoint you in the right direction.
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