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Originally Posted by tbjorge View Post

Perhaps simple solution, but big problem.

I am not able to unplug my charge cable - it is stucked, hence car will not start. Yellow indicator in the instrument cluster lights as normal, when plugged in.

Any solutions?

Is the a magnetic lock to secure the cable which is not working?

Is it a «vehichle problem» or «charge cable» problem?

There are 4 torx screws around the charge plug - can I unscrew these or do I destroy more?

I have tried hard reset - did not help.

Appreciate help from the community.

Thank in advance.
The problem Is the cable not the car. If your using the original Fisker charger that was a common problem the release button would break. You might have to destroy the handle in order to get it to release or on the end of the handle on the bottom side is the release hook try and get to that
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