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Originally Posted by chemicool View Post
Hi all,

I know you guys are busy and probably get tons of questions...but I have a few if you don't mind. I have been thinking of purchasing a Fisker for a few years off and on and I got the bug again recently. I am currently looking at a few candidates. I have some questions regarding TOM and upgrades:

1) I understand the 520 is the better choice of software to use. How do I determine which software a potential car has? Assuming they are all updated, how easy is it to revert back? Is that a software change I can do or do I have to take it to a shop?

2) Where is PwrSource with respect to the battery upgrades?

3) Any other upgrades available regarding inverters and such.

4) Lastly, I found a very cheap Karma that is in fantastic condition with only 10K miles. However, it is showing a P0A27 and P0A29 code. Apparently, not drivable. Is this something that is potentially an easy fix or should I steer clear? If purchased, what price would you say is reasonable for this "problem" car?

I'm a fairly handy guy with respect to cars. I've done all my own work on my BMW i3. Purchasing a "project" is not a problem as I like to tinker. Assuming it's not a "Brick".

Thanks for any answers/ insight you may have.
1) No easy way to tell unless the owner knows. A service center can do it and my understanding is it is not hard and takes several hours. I know my upgrades were free, but not sure if they charge for downgrades.

2) DM him or go to:

3) I wouldn't mess with the car unless you send it to FiskerPhilly

4) I wouldn't want the headache and honestly you need the Fisker tools to work on these cars. You would be better off sending to FiskerPhilly and crossing your fingers. I would not do it or want the headache and sleepless nights. Buy one that is reliable and has a good history that fits your budget.

There is only so much you can do yourself without the proper software and tools. I have read to many nightmare stories, but I default to guys who actually work on them. If you really want to buy one of these beauties, buy one you know is good and enjoy it.
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