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Default Just a couple of questions...

Hey, guys. I am new to Fisker ownership and new to this forum, so I sincerely appreciate your patience as I am sure my questions have been asked and answered many times. Unfortunately, I'm not very adept at finding old threads. So here goes...

I just purchased a 14,000 mile example in Dallas and drove back to southern Missouri without issue. I have also been driving the car as my daily driver and will continue to do so regardless of weather or destination. My previous "cool car" was a Bentley Continental GT with 86,000 miles when I was done with it. The forum people there made me feel crazy for driving it daily as most of their cars were locked in garages at their vacation homes with less than 10,000 miles. Funny thing, I never had an issue with my car while most of them complained that things were constantly going wrong. I believe driving these types of cars is a blessing to both the car and the driver, but I digress...

From the time I picked up the car, the radio presets and time will not stay set, the navigation does not work, nor does the backup camera. From what I can tell, the CIU needs flashed. Good luck finding someone in souther Missouri that is capable of doing that. Will the hard reset fix the problem or is it through the USB only? If it is USB only, how do I rectify this? I am aware of the water problem that causes this and will fix that as well. Also, from the paperwork that came with the car it appears that I am running 535. Any particular things to be aware of related to this software? Again, I have read that 520 is the way to go but southern Missouri does not make that change easy, or even possible.

Thank you in advance for your time and understanding.

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