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Originally Posted by B. Surm View Post
Thanks, I am on 520. After the charging has completed for some time, sometimes, when I am by coincidence near the car, I hear a clicking, so maybe on the 520 software this is done once a day to check the SOC? That's why I unplug the car now after charging to extend the life of the contactors.

By the way. How is it going with the 60 kWh battery pack? I was wondering if it can be read for errors and so on by the Fisker software or another software is needed? Is another OBCM needed or can it be charged with the Original OBCM (although it charges slow)?

The clicking could be the battery balancing. Do you see activity on the EVSE? Would not recommend unplugging the car because after the vehicle is charged; is when the battery balances itself. That is probably why you hear the click. This can last several hours or days even- depending on how out of balance the pack is.

We are doing 90kWh packs now but have limited supply. Most have been spoken for. We cannot ship to Europe.

You can use the existing OBCM, or parallel two together or use the 10kw OBCM that we also provide as an option to the pack.
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