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Originally Posted by PowerSource View Post
I believe there was 520 and 530/535

Both 530 and 535 were disasters... 530 inadvertently removed battery balancing 535 added it back in. Both actuate the contactors to charge the 12v battery via APM. It is a very slop-shoddy algorithm in that it will wear out the contactors in a couple years- to save a 200 dollar 12v, relatively easily accessible, battery- which can be maintained via a 20 dollar tender or by parking the car outside.

Also looking at the spec for the contactors in the EDM

located here on page 2

It looks like the contactors are rated for 1-10,000 cycles at 400V dc

So say the contactors close for the battery tender feature once every hour that is 8760 times in a year (not taking into consideration turning off/on the car etc). Pretty close to the life-cycle spec of that particular contactor. I am not sure how often it checks the 12v battery.

Yea, if you are on 535 would recommend downgrading to 520, before you have to drop your pack and replace contactors.

If you do not charge the battery for weeks at a time, it is possible the cells deviation will be out of balance and the resistive BMS will not be able to bring it within spec- which means the pack has to be dropped again. Would recommend charging at least once a week. Once the pack goes out of balance you will have far more issues. In order to meet the contactor life specification of 10,000 cycles (assuming not a weld failure) that is 27 years if you charge once every day. 10,000/365= 27.3 years. There is no danger in charging every day.
Thanks, I am on 520. After the charging has completed for some time, sometimes, when I am by coincidence near the car, I hear a clicking, so maybe on the 520 software this is done once a day to check the SOC? That's why I unplug the car now after charging to extend the life of the contactors.

By the way. How is it going with the 60 kWh battery pack? I was wondering if it can be read for errors and so on by the Fisker software or another software is needed? Is another OBCM needed or can it be charged with the Original OBCM (although it charges slow)?
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