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Originally Posted by peterek View Post
I'm helping my friend to figure out whats wrong with his Fisker.
Car has about 57k miles , was bought on auction with damage to rear, nothing significant just cracked bumper and dent to the trunk... we got the car charged up, and went for a drive... after quarter mile car slowed down and was not responding to gas pedal. i tried different modes with no luck, both drive and reverse gear gave same result, restarted the car - same thing.

So i tried hard reset by unplugging cable on passenger side, after reset car drove fine for another 0.5 mile and slowed down with no response from gas pedal. then i pulled out OBD 2 scanner and got bunch of codes:

P0A31: Drive Motor B Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0A37 Generator temperature circuit range performance
P0A3C Drive Motor A Inverter Over Temperature
P0A3D Drive Motor B Inverter Over temperature
P0A3E Generator Inverter Over Temperature
P0A4C Generator Position Sensor Circuit Range/performance
P0BEE Drive MOtor A phase W current sensor circuit Range/performance
P0BEF Drive motor A Phase W Current Sensor Circuit Low

i checked coolant level by front of the engine and it looked ok, i couldnt see coolant level on side of the engine bay as it was blocked by plastic covers

car had weak 12V battery that was replaced last week.

We would love to save this car...
Any guidance would be appreciated
The vehicle has independent cooling systems for the ICE engine, the HV battery system and the motors, generators and inverters. I'm no mechanic, but what you're describing sounds like a cooling problem to the third system, and may not be the coolant level you checked. Page 110 (20-4) of the service manual shows a coolant hose connector at the very rear of the car. I wonder if the rear damage you observed also includes damage to the motor coolant lines. My suggestion is to review the Service Manual (you can download it here: ) and see if there's any obvious damage or blockage to the coolant loop.

Good luck!
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