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Originally Posted by viego78 View Post
Hello everybody,

I have been reading here in the forum for some time and now I am also on budget as far as buying a model and need a few nudges.
2 cars have been shortlisted and I hope that with your many years of experience you can help me a little and answer 2-3 questions.

In addition to the usual information about what to consider when buying, I am interested in what you think of the mileage. The cheaper car has already about 120,000km (74,500 mile) down, the slightly more expensive one is just under 75,000km (46,600 mile). Visually, both look okay so far. I would use the vehicle between spring and summer and would like to enjoy the Karma as much as possible. What is your recommendation, is the ICE already too bad at 120,000 km and is the battery usually no longer good in terms of mileage? So rather stay away and invest a few thousand more?

Otherwise, I would be interested in whether the average auto repair shop can do the normal things like oil changes and air conditioning maintenance. Unfortunately, the next Fisker service is also a 2-hour drive from where I live, so I would like to have smaller things done by the shop I trust.

Really bad pre-conditions, but it is a beautiful car and would like to belong to the small and fine group of drivers

many thanks and best regards
In my opinion the most important thing is to know if the electric motors have the hard splines, if not, this is really expensive to repair / change motors. What is the condition of the coupler, has it been changed with the improved Revero one? Overall I think it is important the car has been driven regularly, which keeps the batteries in best condition. Is it possible to obtain an in depth technical battery report? A higher mileage can be a sign the car has good papers....

Check this topic for more information
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