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I agree a pricey sum indeed. I use the correct General Motors oil filter which costs me $10.00 and I use my own Mobil1 oil I bring into my local Nissan Dealer where they have an EV technician. They charge me $30.00 for the labor to do my oil change. Something to consider. On general maintenance items, always consider doing them yourself there is a feeling of pride when you can accomplish something yourself I have found. The in cabin filter is under the cowl but can be handled with little or no guidance. Can of frigi fresh by BG is about $15.00. Brake flush, i think you are still ok having done it twice in a year... just think that all the residual gunk that was left over from last time that was stuck to stuff that the new fluid broke loose last year was now removed this time. You now have one squeaky clean brake system. If they used BG products you have also initiated their extended warranty, which can be priceless. I had my coolant system flushed with BG about 2 years ago and last summer the coolant pump for the battery pack went bad and it was covered, parts & labor through BG. BG will cover your brake calipers, cylinders anything their brake fluid comes in contact with. If they used BG products which is what "frigi-fresh" is I believe. Enjoy the day Simon, I hope to keep my Fisker forever as well. If you need a copy of the BG warranties page, let me know and I'll email it to you or put a link here to their website.
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