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There is no "reset plug" to extinguish the Multi-function Indicator Light/MIL (commonly also called the Check Engine Light or CEL). The way to clear it is to attach an OBD2 device to the port under the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel. Keep in mind though, that while you can clear the codes and reset the light, that does nothing to address the underlying cause of the light in the first place, and it may well return. Also keep in mind that clearing the codes will prevent someone from using a diagnostic tool to identify the issue. You should also know that the codes you see on an OBD2 scanner will not mean much in many cases; without the deeper diagnostics of the Fisker-specific tools all you will see is general guidance as to the nature of the problem, and literally dozens of very different things can lead to an MIL.

The topic of the MIL/CEL and the use of OBD2 scanners have been covered extensively in this forum, as these lights have been a frequent source of concern and frustration for drivers. Try using the search function for "Check Engine Light" or "OBD2" to see some of the countless discussion threads.

Finally, when in doubt, contact one of our resident experts like @FiskerPhilly who may be able to assist with a deeper problem identification and resolution.

Good luck!
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